Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just 10 days to go! Something tells me it's going to be 10 days of overwhelming busyness. We leave for our trip on November 2nd, and plan to arrive back home again on January 6th. There are numerous things between now and January that we are totally trusting God to provide, but then as we look back over the last couple months, it doesn't seem like He'll have any problem taking care of our needs. More specifically; the tractor project. 19 months ago when we were there the last time, we were inspired to help purchase and ship a tractor to Hope Medical Clinic. Since then, with God's provisions, lots and lots of help and support from family and friends, and a little sweat and tears, we saw the fulfillment of a vision as the tractor was finally unloaded at the clinic just two weeks ago. The containter that it was in also contained over 400 other boxes of items for a total of 33,725 lbs of supplies. It was an incredible project and we know it's going to make such a huge difference in the work that is going on in that area of West Africa. Here are a couple pics that were sent to us when the container arrived and as the tractor was unloaded. A huge thank you to everyone that helped make this possible!!!!