Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goodbye to a great team!

Photo; Mt. Golo over the top of our house (the one on the right), and getting lessons in mat weaving !

Tonight was a tough night. We had a farewell party for the team of Doctors and nurses that have been here for the last 4 weeks from the Mercy ship. Over the time they've been here, they have done 42 surgeries and have screened several more for another visit and a few that will be going to the ship in Sierra Leone early next year. One man in particular is carrying around a 10-15 pound growth on the lower portion of his face that has almost completely eliminated his mouth. He can only eat liquids through a small whole in the side of what appears to be the mouth area. They will do the surgery on the ship where they have more staff and better facilities since there is a significant risk that he won't survive the surgery. This team has impacted many, many people in a large way, and it was such a satisfaction to watch it all happen and be a small part of it. With the patients and the patients families, several hundred people have came through the gate and spent some time here over the last several weeks. Each of them experienced God's love and the message of joy and peace through Jesus. We know of 6 people that repented and have accepted the gift of Salvation as a result of their time here at Hope Clinic. The last surgery performed was just this evening, hours before our party. A small girl was brought in that had broken her arm and went to a traditional healer for treatment. He wrapped something on her arm to heal her so tightly that her arm effectively died from the treatment and all the two surgeons here could do was amputate. It must have been terribly painful, and now the loss of her arm, all because they haven't been educated and didn't know to come to this place. These are some of the reasons that this place has stolen a place in our hearts and lives.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a little glimpse into your life. I'm always touched by the incredible stories you have of the people who are blessed to be treated by the team on the Mercy ship.
    We will continue to pray for you and the lives that you touch.

    Dave and Carrie