Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home again!

Well, things have slowed down quite a bit since we arrived back in Ohio. I know that I said that I'd have one more post after I got home, but I realized that there just isn't much to say. It is good to be home, but we weren't really ready to leave Africa, so homecoming is a bit anticlimatic.
It is amazing how much food we have here. Not only how much, but how huge of a variety we have! I don't think I've ever thought before about how many choices we have and how much is available here in the good ole USA. We have nearly endless choices in the meat department, dairy department, vegetables, fruit, etc, etc. In Guinea, meat is a rarity, and processed or pre-packaged foods are almost non-existant. Most everyone there eats only two meals a day, and they will most generally be rice with some kind of sauce made from meat, peanuts or leaves over the top. The rice is so gritty from threshing and drying it on the ground that a lot of peoples teeth are ground down from the constant grinding of dirt with each meal. Anyway, we have no idea what a blessing (?) it is to have so much food! Moise always chuckled when we said "it's time to eat". He points out that Americans eat when it's "time", not when they are hungry or need food. In Africa, you eat to fill an empty stomach, not simply because it's "time".
But the biggest question going through our mind is.....where do we go from here? God has clearly placed a bit of our heart with the people in West Africa, and it seems like it would be nearly impossible not to stay involved. Without a doubt, we are completely trusting in God to lead us into whatever the next step is. At this time we are looking down the road at the likelyhood of a big need developing when Hope Medical Clinic decides they have enough money to start a new maternity facility. At this time they are thinking that they'll be ready to start the project in about two years so that gives us a little time to decide how involved we will be. Our hearts would like to consider going over for a long enough stay to help move the project from start to finish, but we're not sure if that could be a reality or not. Without a doubt, we couldn't undertake a long term stay without our friends and supporters. We want to say a HUGE thank you to each of you that have supported us and prayed with us up to this time! We'll likely publish an update down the road when we see future needs or when we have a better idea of what our future looks like with the ministry God has called us to in Guinea. Until then, thank you for your part in our journey, and let's each exalt the name of Yahweh and his only Son as we look to them for direction for our future!
God's greatest blessings to each of you,

Brian, Sandy and family

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