Thursday, November 29, 2012

Almost 9:00 PM and we're all packed and ready to roll. Tomorrow morning (Friday the 30th) it's Dayton to Atlanta, Atlanta overnight to Paris, Paris to Mauritania, then Mauritania to Conakry. Then we have two days of driving which will get us to N'zao sometime Monday night. It sounds like the roads might even be worse than normal due to the rains, so it could be a rough trip. We'll be staying with friends in N'zao Monday and Tuesday night before leaving again on Wednesday to the village of Dieke where the conference is going to be; about a 2 hour drive. Please Holy with us closely.

As I think about it, the Lord has given us an amazing yet very humbling privilege. We've been invited to share the gospel with 700-800 brothers, sisters and children in Christ among the Mano tribe in West Africa. Many of these people have never heard a white man speak, or even seen someone from another country. Could we have possibly imagined such a thing 20 years or more ago?? God is so amazing......putting the "members of the body in the body as he has purposed". What should we teach? How should we teach? Where will we be? When..........hmmmmmm, please Holy Spirit, walk with us closely.

On one hand, we are prepared with topics, ideas, notes and activities to teach the youth, ladies and men....but on the other hand, we have no idea really what to expect. Will the youth cooperate and be interested in what Jordan, Katie and Sare have planned? Will the ladies be inspired by what Sandy and Katie have prepared? Will the men and larger gathering be captivated by what Dwayne, Jordan and I have to share? Sometimes this business of walking by faith can be a but unnerving. Please Holy Spirit.....teach through us closely.

It will be next Tuesday at the earliest before we can get online again. We'll update you when we arrive. God's best and richest blessings to all of you......good night.....please Holy Spirit...keep us all together in your care.

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  1. Praying for you as you begin this journey. We love you!