Tuesday, December 4, 2012

24 hours of international travel, then 23 hours inside a bouncing, jolting Land Cruiser, and by the grace of God and some quick thinking Angels, we’ve made it to N’zao. We had a better than average flight experience (i.e. all of our luggage made it), and the roads were no worse than normal, so other than being exhausted, God be praised for a good journey!! We only had one small scare. After going through a couple really rough stretches, we developed a serious grinding sound in the left front wheel area. This is a very unsettling feeling when you’re deep in the middle of the bush with zero repair options and approaching dusk. After removing the left front wheel, expecting to find gear and bearing parts falling out, we found it was nothing more than a stone wedged in between the backer plate and the brake rotor. Whew…..what a good feeling! We always keep record of kills on the road journey, so the official record for this trip is; goats-0, chickens-0, cows–0, 7’ Cobras -1, and only one place that we needed four-wheel drive. A good trip!

We settled in to Moses and Nowei’s house at the end of the day, took a warm bucket bath and crashed. Today we are getting unpacked, getting supplies that we brought over distributed to all the people, meeting old friends, and taking a quick walk-through at the clinic to catch up on all the changes and improvements over the last 2 years. This afternoon we are going to have a pre-conference meeting with Moses and Jon to hammer out the last minute details and make arrangements for the conference. We will leave mid-day tomorrow for the village of Dieke, which is about a 2 hour drive from here at N’zao. Our housing arrangements? Still unknown…..currently planning on tents and cots.

We all want to thank each of you for your prayers, but if you could please remain faithful with us in prayer from this Thursday through Sunday. Just imagine…..being the speakers at each and every service through a typical Annual Meeting including Young Folks, and you’ll have an idea of the load that is ahead of us.

We’ll be unable to update until we return to the Clinic Sunday night, so God bless each of you with His very best!!


  1. You are in our thoughts constantly! God go with you and I am still begging Him to bless you with the gift of tongues! It is in His hands. He will be with you and His will WILL be accomplished!

  2. "The name of the Lord is a Strong Tower; the righteous run to it and are safe." Praying that you will use His name boldly when needed as you go about the work that is set before you and that much is learned (by the Mano)and that much is received (by you all). Am guessing they have a bit to teach as well.;)Continue the updates! Mucho Blessings!

  3. Praying for you as you prepare to share Him with the people on the other side of the world.

    Love to you all~
    Jason & Jody

  4. Thanking God that the airplane landed and the trip in was almost uneventful. I plan to pray Psalm 146 over this team daily.

    Shalom, my friends....... may God cover you with His protection, give you sensitive hearts to feel the needs of believers there, and may He blow you away with even more evidence of His great faithfulness.
    ~ Linda

  5. You are in our prayers so often. May God be glorified and souls be saved for His Kingdom. We pray language will not be a barrier and that hearts will connect because of Jesus. I know our hearts are connected with all of you, and we hold you up through our spirits which are HIS! So much love your way and always, prayer continues......♥

  6. Thinking of you all SO much. Can't wait to hear how the conference went, many prayers went up for that! Praying that it was a huge blessing to everyone, and that you have a safe trip back to the clinic. I'll be eagerly awaiting any and all updates. :-)