Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Wednesday afternoon, and we're already faced with the unpleasant task of packing and preparing to leave. This is such a short trip that it hardly seems like we've even been here. When I stroll around the clinic, there are so many projects that I see needing done that it makes it very difficult to leave. On the other hand.....writing this post with a rumbling stomach and sweat beaded up on my forhead, home is looking good also.

Since returning to N'zao, we've been pretty busy. Dwayne and I found several small projects that we knew we could complete before we left, and Sandy and Sara have been helping with household things, going to market, and helping some of the missionary ladies. Today we drove to the village of Bonouma to visit a small Christian school that Moise' and Jon are trying to get started. There is a great need in that village, so they are currently renting a delapidated two room building and trying to teach about 75 1st through 3rd graders. We then drove across town to see where they have layed the foundation for a new school, but have exhausted the current funds. Someone from home sent a very large sum of money with us to spend wisely, and we feel like this will likely be one place where some of the money will be spent.

Next we went to visit the village of Godi where our friend Ce'Kona lives. We had a lunch of fried plantain and onions, with a side of bananas at his house, and then walked into town to watch the village bringing in the harvest and preparing it to load on trucks to go to market. Large bags of coffee, Koala nuts, Bananas and other unnamed items were scattered everywhere and there was an atmosphere of hustle - bustle that made an exciting atmosphere. It was also good to be able to visit and greet some other believers that we've learned to know and stay connected with. Dwayne and Jordan decided to use the day climbing nearby Mt. Golo, which didn't seem like the best idea in the heat of the day. It's not a long hike, we've done it in 6-7 hours before, so they should be home before long.

Tomorrow morning we load up and head back on the two day drive to Conakry. We would appreciate your prayers about noon our time tomorrow, or about 7:00 AM Ohio time. We've been told that there has been some political unrest and some rioting in the town of Geckedou which we have to pass through, so we'd appreciate additional prayer that we would get through OK. Such is life in Africa.

Internet is too slow to post any pictures today, so we'll have to keep it simple.

God bless all and we truly pray for his protection and safety for the journey home.  


  1. Of course I'm commenting. :-) Sad you feel like you're leaving too soon but I'm truthfully not a bit sad about it. :-) Will be praying praying praying at 7AM! God be with you! Bring some of that WARM weather with you.

  2. Praying for you daily! God be with you & safe travels. We love you.